Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

seo-upReasons You Need i.Net Technologies to Optimize your site…

Your website is not showing up on Page 1 of Google search results for products and services you offer

Your business is not showing up on Google Local Search maps

Your competition is showing up on Yahoo and Bing local search maps or Page 1 search results and you are not

Your website is getting lots of traffic, but it’s not “converting” visitors into sales leads, online sales or retail traffic

seo3upPrimary Search Engines Market Share = Google – 80%  /  Yahoo – 8%  /  Bing – 6% 


Search Engine Optimization and Design Services that put YOUR Business on the first page of Google!

Search engine Optimization (SEO) has become very complex in recent years. It’s become an ever-changing mix of Internet and marketing technologies. It has also become increasingly unlikely – if not downright impossible to get a small business’ website on Page 1 of the search engines without the help of a talented and experienced team of design and SEO specialists.

local-seoWhy waste months and thousands of dollars on outdated practices or un-proven experience?

The i.Net Technologies team has been in business since 1996 generating high-quality search engine traffic for businesses across the country.

Our proven Search Engine Optimization system includes the following services:

Industry research and analysis

On the basis of your online marketing goals and the products and services you want to promote, we will get to know your industry and your competition. This is an essential step in planning your Internet marketing strategy.

Competitor analysis

We’ll compare how your site and your competition are showing up in the search engines. We will review, as well as analyze the strengths and weaknesses of your competitor’s sites in order to uncover potential “pockets of opportunity”.

Keyword research

We’ll help identify the search terms your customers use most when searching online for your products. Example: if you are in the landscaping industry, and your company name is ‘Acme Landscape’, I would recommend concentrating more efforts to optimizing the word ‘landscaping’ due to the fact percentage-of-google-traffic-by-results-page-chitikathat 75+% of people searching for either of the words ‘landscape’ or ‘landscaping’ search for ‘landscaping’ Your results will be far better.

On-Site natural SEO

We’ll optimize the pages you need most to achieve your online marketing goals and objectives, including:

The title & description tags

Sitemap as well as internal & external linking

Google Analytic Coding and account setup

Keyword-rich copy

PPC (Pay Per Click)

We’ll even provide PPC management if you choose to go that route. PPC is a costly and usually less effective form of advertising that we recommend against. It requires a great deal of effort to target the best possible terms to get the most for your money.

Monitoring and reporting

We will work on maintaining and improving your listings, every month. Some companies guarantee a certain number of top 10 or top 20 listings and when they reach their goal, they don’t continue working to improve it, even though they got paid for the entire year.

Take a look at some examples of our work

Search Google for ‘Musky Guide’ and you will find in the 1st spot.

Search Google for ‘Florida island rental’, ‘Florida Keys island rental, ‘Florida island vacation rentals’ and you will find in the 1st spot and on the 1st page.

You can call us for many, many more examples…

Don’t Wait! NOW is the BEST Time!!

googlebingyahooYou don’t need to spend a fortune on advertising anymore.  With i.Net Technologies, our prices are affordable. We can charge less because we know you are going to stay with us year after year because your website will be successful and continue to grow.

It’s no longer enough just to have a good looking website with pages of useful and helpful information, and if your website doesn’t look professional and engaging, and offers little if any useful information, your site is sure to experience high bounce rates and low conversion rates.

With a couple affordable SEO programs to choose from, i.Net Technologies can help your website be successful on the search engines!  Starting at $150/Month…Call TODAY!