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inet_graphic_designGraphic Design is a Vague term. It covers a vast array of items for a vast array of platforms. We design everything from simple black & white business cards or flyers to animated 3D Logo’s or displays for the web or video productions. The most common things people request are logo’s, internet banner ads, clip art, full page or tri-fold flyers, business cards and themed elements. Graphic designs usually tie in with other services we are doing. If we design a new website and take a customers logo out of the 1 color, 2D world and make it 3D and interactive, many times our customers want us to also design a new similar logo for their print media. Often we will do a complete package which includes both logo’s, a flyer, business card design, and an online advertising banner.

Here is a small collection of Graphic Designs By i.Net Technologies…
























Here we used photos that we took of the customers 7 different mulch piles (above), put in a nice sky background, a zoom in view window, and then used these to ‘Mulch’ the home (below) with each of the 7 colors of mulch using Photoshop. Here are the three that very most.

brownlargebz goldlargebz redlargebz






We can design advertising banners of all shapes and sizes. Here are some we have done over the last couple decades.














watkins Shedd fdrpebblesbanner innatheavenly bally








abpress wormsworthbannersafetybannerperfectshuttersbanneriguanacreek








incentives_and_promotions  hales_corner_small_animal_boarding  gpsbanner marshallsbannergoodcpoltdbanner








bigbeambannerSFLlogo brandosbanner loduca








illustration of a vintage steam train done in black and whitebadger_poker2









batcow_logo3 inetbanner1





Indiana_Jones_Small copy







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